We are a mix of rock crawls and trails with hills, along with some mud. Look for our new mud hole to be open mid to late summer. All rigs with a steering wheel are allowed.  Sorry no ATV’s or dirt bikes are allowed at this time. Check out our schedule for weekend events.

Trail Map

Freedom Ridge

Truck Tech Inspection Guidelines

Brakes and Lines:

  • Must have front and rear brakes lines must be secured to the axle and/or frame pinion brakes allowed.
  • Brake pedal must have pressure and not sink to floor.

Secure Place to Hook:

  • Must have tow points front and rear.
  • Due to the multiple methods of vehicle recovery points, all tow points, welded or bolted, must appear structurally safe with no stress indications. It is the responsibility and liability of each vehicle owner or driver to assess the safety of the vehicle recovery system used.
  • Hook secured with two 1⁄2″ or bigger, grade 5 or better bolts.
  • Backing plates required.
  • Receivers following these requirements: vehicles with a gross weight over 4,000 lbs. must have a minimum 2″ receiver. Vehicle with a gross weight under 4,000 lbs. must have a minimum 1-1/4″ receiver. All receivers must be properly bolted with grade 5 or better bolts.
  • Screw type clevis permitted in rear bumper if bumper is secured properly to frame (must be bolted with grade 5 or better bolts.)
  • No trailer ball hook ups.


  • Must be screw type, 1⁄2 inch or bigger-no pin type clevises.
  • Must have adequate size clevis for the vehicle.
  • No converted pin type clevis.

Seat Belt:

  • Must be properly anchored.
  • Required and must be worn by all passengers.
  • Child seats/protection required as mandated by state law.


  • Must be securely mounted


  • All drivers must be at least 15 years of age.
  • Drivers must not be impaired by alcohol of drugs.
  • Any driver operating his/her vehicle in a unsafe manor will be asked to leave.

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